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Women, Minority and Disadvantaged Owned Businesses

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Northern Virginia Attorneys - Business Entity Formation That Qualifies for Federal and State Small Business and Disadvantaged Business Set Asides

In today's economic environment, people are forming corporations and limited liability companies ("LLC's") to take advantage of the state and federal government contracting set aside opportunities that available through the Small Business Administration and similar state programs. The SBA, and the Commonwealth of Virginia, has programs that will help:

small businesses;

special audiences including

  • women owned businesses
  • service disabled veterans owned businesses
  • Native Americans owned businesses and
  • socially and economically disadvantaged individuals.
  • Businesses Located in Hub Zones.

Forming an Entity That Will Qualify You For Set Aside Programs.

The SBA and State Government set aside programs all have specific requirements for how businesses are structured and managed. If you fail to set up the business entity correctly, you will be disqualified from the SBA and state governmental set aside programs. However, if your entity is structured and operated correctly, you will be able to secure lucrative government contracts and government related sub contracts.

Hale Ball has had extensive experience in helping individuals structure their business entities correctly, and in counseling business owners on the operational requirements, to be able to qualify for the appropriate SBA program.

Contact Hale Ball: Business Law Division lawyers Robert Baumgartner and Scott Pohlman in Fairfax, Virginia, for assistance in forming an entity that will qualify for state and federal set aside programs. We apply a combined 30 years of experience to helping business owners get off on the right foot.

Analyzing What Entity is Right for You

A fundamental question in forming your business entity is - which business entity is right for you.

For more information on deciding which business entity is correct for you, and on the ways Hale Ball will help you make the right decision, click here to contact us or call 703-763-4687.




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