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Northern Virginia Business Startup Lawyers & Legal Services

Like others who have started a new business, you probably began with an idea about providing a better way of doing something, or providing products or services that fill specific needs. Perhaps you are a software developer or a scientist who wants to take your idea to the next level and profit by it. Maybe you are a doctor or service provider with a better way to serve your patients or clients. Or you have discovered a franchise opportunity and want to move on it quickly. You’ve thought a great deal about your idea and have possibly even created a business strategy. How do you proceed now?

  • At Hale Ball: Business Law Division in Fairfax, Virginia, we work with new and emerging businesses, helping to ensure that they build a strong foundation by establishing lawful business practices. To discover how our firm can help guide you through the legal issues associated with starting a business, contact us today.

Entity Formation

Choosing and forming the right entity for your new business startup is an important decision. We ensure that you not only make the right decision but also implement it correctly. Together we will look at the legal, financial and business ramifications of each option. We are happy to discuss with you the differences between forming a corporation, making a sub-chapter S tax election (S-Corp) and establishing an LLC (limited liability company). Or perhaps a partnership or LLP (limited liability partnership) is best for you.


Some business startups are required by the state of Virginia to obtain licenses to operate legally. Professionals, doctors, lawyers and architects, for example, are a few of the types of business owners who must obtain licenses to own and operate a business in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Contractors also must be licensed. Our firm is happy to help you determine whether or not you require a license and guide you through the process.

Other Important Considerations for New Businesses

Hale Ball: Business Law Division is also pleased to address other critical legal issues associated with your new business startup. Some of the issues we can address for your company include:

  • Obtaining or acquiring Tax ID numbers (EIN Numbers)
  • Sub-chapter S elections (form 2553)
  • Registered agent services
  • Trade-marking names and marks
  • County business licenses and occupancy permits
  • Employment issues
  • General Corporate Legal Services
  • Covenants not to compete (Non-compete agreements)
  • Covenants not to solicit (Non-solicit or non-solicitation agreements)
  • Insurance (including Business Liability, Worker's Compensation, Employment, errors and omissions, malpractice)
  • Operating Agreements
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Intellectual property (assignment of inventions, licensing, mis-appropriation)
  • Confidentiality agreements

At Hale Ball: Business Law Division, your priorities really are our priorities. Contact us today at 703-763-4687 to speak with attorneys Robert Baumgartner or Scott Pohlman about your business startup. Don’t lose what you are trying to establish – get the legal help you need to grow your business in the right way. We take a comprehensive approach to helping you get your new business operating and stable.




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