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Do you need to find a person to act as your registered agent in Virginia. Hale Ball serves as the registered agent for hundreds of corporations and limited liability companies located throughout Virginia. For a nominal set up fee, and a yearly registered agent fee, the lawyers at Hale Ball will provide all the registered agent services that are required by law. And, unlike companies that solely provide registered agent services, Hale Ball will be able to handle your legal needs as they arise in respect to your Virginia operations. Call the lawyers of Hale Ball today in initiate our services.

If you are confused about whether you need a registered agent or want to understand what a registered agent is, please read below.

A registered agent is required for all corporations and limited liability companies operating in Virginia ("Company"), and must be an individual who is a member or director of a Corporation or Limited Liability Company, a Company, or an attorney licensed in Virginia. The agent must be a resident in the Commonwealth of Virginia or a company authorized to transact business in Virginia. The registered agent is identified and recorded with the State Corporation Commission for the Commonwealth of Virginia. A registered agent is designated to receive service of process when a business entity is a party in a legal action, administrative matter or official government communication. In addition, the registered agent will receive all official correspondence from the State Corporation Commission, including annual reports and assessments. The address of the registered agent is also the registered office address of the Company. The business attorneys of Hale Ball serve as the registered agent for many of our client Companies and others. Many business owners ask what the benefits of using a registered agent other then themselves.

Advantages for use of a third party registered agent other than a corporate officer or director:

  1. The registered agent and registered address is the address of public record. A company may utilize other business and correspondence addresses.
  2. An absentee owner is able to travel or maintain unique business hours, and be protected against missing a service of process or possibly a default judgment due to missing the service of a lawsuit.
  3. Your home based business is not required to publically make your home address the official registered address of record.
  4. Service of process by a sheriff or process server is made upon the registered agent and not the officer or director at your place of business, leading to rumors or concern, thereby preserving your privacy. Service of process is not made at your home.
  5. We serve to provide an additional level of alert when documents require immediate attention, including your annual filing requirements.
  6. If you don't have a permanent business location or work site, we as your registered agent are able to make sure your important government documents are received.

The registered agent is selected at the time of formation and may be changed through filings with the Secretary of State. All foreign Companies operating in the Commonwealth of Virginia are required to register in Virginia and to have and maintain a registered agent in the Commonwealth.

The attorneys of Hale Ball's business division are happy to partner with you to work with you and serve as your registered agent in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Please contact us so we may assist you and to assure you that your registered agent duties are fulfilled.




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