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Northern Virginia Business Attorneys – Resolving Business Disputes

At Hale Ball: Business Law Division our goal is to work with clients for the long-term through the development and stabilization of their business to avoid the possibility of litigation. We lay the groundwork so that when disputes arise or customers do not pay bills, you have structures already in place to address matters.

In the unlikely event that an incident occurs that could potentially end up in court, or if you have never worked with a lawyer and are now faced with a problem that might require resolution through litigation, contact Hale Ball: Business Law Division. We are happy to meet with you in our Fairfax office to discuss any of the following matters:

  • Commercial Collections
  • Shareholder Disputes
  • Contract Disputes

For complex litigation, we will bring in our litigation department which has a reputation for aggressive representation of its clients in a broad arena of commercial litigation.

Collections. In today's economic environment, staying on top of your account receivables is a necessary business strategy. Our firm will help with you with demand letters, and if necessary, aggressive collection procedures.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Our firm always examines non-litigious means of resolving disputes between and within companies. Through alternative dispute resolution (ADR) we can often bring parties together and come to an agreement without involving courts or unnecessary expense.


We are happy to represent your business in mediation, working with an unbiased presence to help opposing parties come to an agreement. Like alternative dispute resolution, mediation focuses on solutions rather than discord and allows you to avoid the costs associated with commercial litigation.

Commercial Litigation

Some business disputes, no matter how hard you try to resolve them, still end up in court. In the event that your shareholder dispute or contract disagreement does end up in court, you can rely upon our litigation department to provide zealous advocacy to ensure that your interests are represented and that your issue is resolved as quickly as possible.

At Hale Ball: Business Law Division, your priorities really are our priorities. Contact us today to speak with Robert Baumgartner or Scott Pohlman about resolving your business dispute. Together we can develop strategies that bring closure and minimize the financial burden.




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