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Commercial Leasing

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Northern Virginia Commercial Leasing Attorney

Leasing commercial space in order to build your business more efficiently or serve your clients more effectively is an important step in starting or expanding your business. Unfortunately, if handled incorrectly, it can also become a major liability.

  • Ensure that you lease a space in a manner that helps to promote the growth of your business. Contact Robert Baumgartner and Scott Pohlman of the Fairfax business law firm of Hale Ball: Business Law Division today.

  • Negotiating Landlord Leases. The commercial lease is the most critical htmect of the landlord's relationship with its tenants. Our firm understands the fundamental issues that are critical to address to assure that the landlord's property is properly leased.

  • Enforcement of Leases. In today's economic times, lease enforcement must be done timely, aggressively and in a manner that protects the landlord's various interests. Contact us today if you need to file an unlawful detainer action, issue a pay or quit notice, or otherwise take enforcement action in respect to any lease

Negotiating Tenant-Friendly Leases

Commercial leases are typically pro-landlord. Our firm understands the fundamental issues that arise from the northern Virginia rental market. We help our clients by not only asking the right questions in order to help them choose the most appropriate commercial space for their business needs, but also reviewing, negotiating and modifying leases that favor commercial landlords, to ensure you understand your lease agreement.

We are happy to assist you in any of the following:

  • Shopping center lease contracts
  • Office leases
  • Condominium leases
  • Warehouse leases

Helping Commercial Tenants Avoid the Pitfalls

Few things can hamper a potentially flourishing business as much as being caught in a bad lease. The prospect of examining the minutia of a large document may seem daunting to even the most eager new business owner. Yet the devil, as they say, is in the details, and missing an important clause of a lease agreement can negatively affect your company.

Attorneys Robert Baumgartner and Scott Pohlman are lawyers who possess considerable experience helping clients avoid the pitfalls associated with commercial leasing and focus on running and stabilizing their businesses. We are pleased to meet with you to answer any questions you may have concerning commercial leasing.

At Hale Ball: Business Law Division, your priorities really are our priorities. Contact us today at 703-763-4687 to speak with Robert Baumgartner or Scott Pohlman about actualizing on or expanding your business plan through commercial leasing. Let’s work together to find a solution that best suits your business needs.




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