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Acquiring a Franchise

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Northern Virginia Franchise Business Law Attorneys

For individuals who have always wanted to go into business for themselves but have been fearful about taking the plunge without some security, owning or acquiring a franchise is an attractive option. Yet operating a franchise is not a completely trouble-free undertaking. There are risks and pitfalls.

  • Get the legal knowledge you need to ensure you maximize flexibility and operate your franchise lawfully. Contact Hale Ball: Business Law Division in Fairfax, Virginia today.

Representing the Franchisee

When you make the decision to operate a franchise, you must sign a franchise agreement. Often such agreements favor a franchisor and may limit your ability to personalize the business. We will help you examine franchise agreements so you have a comprehensive understanding of the franchise relationship, and offer ways to negotiate a more favorable agreement.

Getting Started

Before you enter into the franchise, you should first form a business entity – often a corporation or a limited liability company (LLC). Our firm can advise you on the entity best suited for your needs. However, our service does not end there. We will continue to work with you to ensure that your business is set up to run efficiently and lawfully. Some of the services we provide include:

  • Registration of the corporation
  • Creation of internal formation documents
  • Creation of organizational documents
  • Preparation of shareholder agreements
  • Multi-state registration (if necessary)
  • Identifying licensing requirements
  • Discussing financing options
  • Reviewing Commercial Leases and Leasing arrangements

Commercial Leasing

Part of our comprehensive service to franchise owners includes lease review. Many of the difficulties franchisees face are the result of signing commercial leases that are either inflexible involve substantial fees or allow the landlord to terminate the lease without rights to cure. Let our firm negotiate a lease agreement that supports your new venture.

Helping You Avoid Pitfalls

Many franchisees unwittingly limit themselves or find their franchise in jeopardy by signing a franchise agreement without the support and advice of an attorney. We always recommend that our clients interview at least 16 to 20 current and former franchise owners to gain insight into the intricacies of the venture. In addition, we guide clients through every step of the process, providing ongoing assistance through franchise agreement review to helping them gain a full understanding so they don’t have to step into the unknown.

At Hale Ball: Business Law Division, your priorities really are our priorities. Contact us today at 703-763-4687 to speak with lawyers Robert Baumgartner or Scott Pohlman about getting your business franchise plan off the ground. Let’s work together to make your business venture successful.




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